Designed to satisfy a wide range of clients, from schools to retirement homes, Olimpia blends aesthetic elegance with experimental technological innovation. Very adaptable thanks to the vast range of colours and finishes available, the collection consists of models with high pressure laminate covered sach and lacquered frames or with a wood finish and a wide range of accessories, panic bars, air grating, door han-dles for the disabled, etc…, adaptable to the specifics of the destination use. Furthermore, Olimpia guarantees adequate protection from fire and is soundproof thanks to the application of Fireproof and/or Aphonica, exclusive Giorgio Senatore Doors technology, which gives doors a resistance to fire of up to 120 minutes and sound-proofing of up to 44 decibels.

Door with lacquered frame, high pressure laminate covered sach and satin finishing glass. Meroni handle.

Door with wood frame, high pressure laminate covered sach. Handle Push-bar with alluminum carter and stainless steel bar.

Frame: Veneered wood with telescopic trims
Sash: hollow structure with solid ramework wood
In the middle: honeycomb cardboard
Edge: veneered wood
Door finishing: high pressure laminate
Gasket: damps effect


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