If you have a project with large sliding windows, and you would like to see only the glass, the answer is MinimAll Windows. Zero profiles, both internally and externally. Only 25mm of central coupling between the leaves. Resistant and elegant and with high performance, they allow an improvement of living comfort by improving the entrance of natural light, giving an effect of enlargement of the interior spaces. For projects with more ambitions, it is possible to motorise the movement of the leaves, with control inserted in home automation or wireless, all equipped with an emergency battery in case of a blackout.

MinimAll Windows


  • Height structure: 59 mm
  • Thickness structure: 164 mm
  • Height frame: 22/32 mm
  • Thickness fram: 62 mm
  • Width Center post: 25 mm
  • Leaf flow rate: up to 600 Κg
  • Insulating glass: 45 mm
  • Insulation: Polyamides, PVC
  • Ug=0,7 W/mqK
  • Uw = 1,1 W/mqK *

* For window dimensions 5,00×2,50m


aluminum finishes

Ral color’s of your choice


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