Value added to value: the value and beauty of natural wood and the functionality and technological utility of aluminum find a perfect synthesis in the eWoodandal collection, windows made of laminated wood, which can be combined with a wide range of external aluminum finishes (jointed at 90°), from the various colored effects to the wood finishes, allow adaptability to any architectural context, being able to differentiate the exterior from the interior. There are many combinations of insulating glass that can be used according to the prevailing need. Already as standard it is possible to achieve thermal transmittance results that can be spent in all climatic zones, as is the standard tilt-and-turn opening system.



  • Frame sec. 79 x 83mm
  • Sash sec. 76 x 80mm
  • Insuleted panel glass 33.1/16/33.1 b.e.
  • 2 Gaskets
  • Sash & Tilt
  • Uf 1,4 W/mqK
  • Ug from 1.4 to 1.0 W/mqK
  • Uw from 1.7 to 1.3 W/mqK *
  • Rw from 41 to 42dB (tested)

* On 2 sashes window 1230×1480.

various possible alternatives


The images of the openings are by way of example, they do not necessarily refer to the collection visited.

lift & slide / various possible alternatives

slide & fold / various possible alternatives

tilt & slide / various possible alternatives

swing window / alternative

essences and colors


white oak

brushed pine

brushed white oak


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green thinking

Design seen as an instrument for making the spaces surrounding us more attractive and liveable is the significant value Giorgio Senatore also ascribes to the space common to all, namely the Earth. Responsibility in the use of resources.

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