Rolling Shutters provide solutions for resolving any aesthetic and functional performance, with a range of shutter boxes, blinds with handling systems and counter frames. Elements combined together in a flexible way in order to find the best solution at any time in keeping with the project implementation. Containers with frontal inspection, lower internal or external, or prefabricated insulated wood, white painted or wood. PVC blinds, steel or aluminum handle with the overhead system. Counter solutions and block coated with insulated shoulder. Many solutions that allow you to respond appropriately to diverse needs of thermal and acoustic insulation.


Hanging wooden box, insulated, painted white. Handling roll with straps.
With precast box frame in tow and a concealed extension in declared essence with internal inspection. Electrical tilt of the roller.


Built-in shutter box.
Projecting wooden shutter-box.
Window with on top prefabricated shoulder with internal inspection. Removable ceiling
Window with internal wire frame with precast box with increased inner shoulder and external inspection
Window with internal wire frame with precast box with increased shoulder and external inspection. Slatted adjustable roller blind
Window with on top 1/2 prefabricated shoulder and 1/2 external masonry shoulder and internal inspection. Removable ceiling

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Roller blinds

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