Nolook, the flush-wall doors by Giorgio Senatore. Available in both the push and pull version, the collection is divided into two macro families: Nolook – blind, with a chameleon soul, camouflaged or highlighted in the internal ambients where it is inserted, depending on the chosen finish; in the refined glass version, Nolook — glass, for a luminous and very chic minimalism. The flush-wall solution is adaptable to most of our models, as well as to different shapes and opening solutions. The flush-wall solutions of wardrobe doors, secondary ambients such as pantries or closets and technical niches are also very interesting. The Nolook collection also includes entrance solutions with one or two leaf, as well as, for maximum aesthetic rigor, the skirting boards with flush plaster, which can be enhanced by a LED light to draw its profile.

nolook — blind

Nolook-blind, sturdy aluminum frame with an engineered geometry for perfect adhesion of the plasters and hiding in them, blind door panel in the versions: tinted, to integrate it completely in the surrounding wall or cover it with parato paper; wood or lacquered, to give a classic-contemporary style to the rooms.

nolook — glass

Nolook-glass, the maximum expression of stylistic refinement, the doors of this collection find in the use of reflex glasses the best compromise between integration in the context where they are inserted, design and the passage of light. It is possible to have the door completely covered by the glass, only on the side of the flush-wall, and on both sides for a better aesthetic balance. The niche solutions are also very appealing to give aesthetic continuity even to smaller spaces, framing them in transparency.

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