Lux: is the collection for those who love bright internal ambients, but at the same time chic and glamorous. A minimal solution, where the combination of slight aluminum profiles, glass with different colors and transparencies and panels with a great material effect, gives life to families: Lux door, made of sliding and swing doors with minimal profile and glass – Lux walls, dividers that separate without interfering, merging with the surrounding spaces – Lux walk-in wardrobes, a configurable and made-to-measure system, with a double soul Essential and Total Look.

lux door

Lux doors, glass doors or thin aluminum profile and glass, rich in versatility and customizations. For example, the glass can be placed in the center of the profile, superimposed on one side or even both side to completely cover the door. The frame can be of the Classic type with architraves, in Luce without architraves or concealed with the innovative flush-fitting glass door (Nolook glass). The choice of glass is very wide, as the aluminum finishes. It is possible to configure any type of opening solution, as well as customize the doors with aluminum strips of different sizes, following your own ideas or Giorgio Senatore proposals.

lux — walls

Lux walls, not the usual dividing wall, but a flexible and tailor-made system to separate without dividing internal ambients that thus continue to talk each other. Minimal profiles with different finishes: silver, white, brown, anthracite, copper, bronze or customizable on request, blend with hinged and sliding openings integrated into the wall itself.

lux — walk-in closet

Lux walk-in closet, is a versatile system available in the following versions: Essential, with floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall supports with a hidden rack, with clean lines that can also be used in the living area, or in the Total Look, which is characterized by its complete covering walls, finished with the same finishes as chests of drawers, shelves and squares or even creating real walls that define the walk-in closet area. Lux walk-in closet is obviously integrated in colors and finishes with Lux door and to identify the best access system to the walk-in closet through sliding, folding and hinged doors.

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