fixed-slatted shutters

What the Giorgio Senatore shutters propose is a most diversified range, with reference to the needs of each region, which typically characterizes its identity, for the wooden design and the rotation systems of the doors . In the picture beside, the traditional shutter, which is well combined in new buildings and renovations in many 45 x 80 cross-section in fixed slats, made with an adjustable hinge and hinge angle*. Ample alternatives: the Old Town Shutter, with or without Frames reported twice pitched at a 1 / 2 slope, as well as rotation systems: from anuba plastic (standard) + adjustable straps on to the hinge angle or T, from the hinges to wall (for only door solutions without the frame) to the concealed hinge.

The closing espagnolette, combined with profiles properly worked and protected from by water-based paints, always guarantee high quality levels.

adjustable slats shutter

One of the variants that Giorgio Senatore offers is decidedly the solution for adjustable slats.

A system that allows you to control the entry of light, as well as of shade. In addition, the joints between the slats will give you almost total blackout. The shutter is enhanced by the impressive concealed blind holders, which minimizes the visible non-wooden parts, horizontal profiles of the inclined leaf, the 3-layer coating with water-based coatings, and the possibility of using different hinges depending on the architectural design.

essences and colors


white oak

brushed pine

brushed white oak


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Roller blinds

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