wood windows

Sophisticated, warm and fascinating, all designed to satisfy the most demanding of tastes, while modernising the traditional window and endowing it with the most up-to-date technological features. The Giorgio Senatore Wooden Window Collection boasts the quality of a fresh innovative design which blends innovative advanced technology, look, a range of carefully selected materials that can meet the most demanding of customer needs, by virtue of the firm’s wide availability of finishes and accessories under the technological solutions guaranteeing sound- and heat protection and the highest safety standards.
Giorgio Senatore Wooden Window proposals are articulated into three collections, each characterized by unique and distinctive styles and technical features, namely:

wood — aluminum windows

The Giorgio Senatore idea developed on two channels, combining the value and elegance of a wooden window frame with the usefulness of the external aluminum cladding, leaving the finished product in the wake of tradition thanks to the coupling of the aluminum profiles at 90 °, from here eWoodandal. Inventing a minimal, award-winning window, where essentiality is the guiding thread of every detail: tight profiles completely hidden from the outside view, invisible hinges, monolithic design, excellent performance, eLive.

aluminum / minamall windows

Glass and little else in the eyes of the esthete, glass and much more for those who love technology. MinimAll Windows is the line of sliding aluminum windows that guarantees the largest possible glass surface, hiding everything that can be hidden in a window and with a structural capacity that can replace entire walls. Check it out.

Linea di serramenti in legno e alluminio che coniuga perfettamente il pregio e l’eleganza di un vero infisso in legno con la funzionalità e l’utilità data dal rivestimento esterno in alluminio, che grazie alla saldatura degli angoli, sulle ante, garantisce alla finestra massima tenuta e resistenza ad agenti atmosferici e ne migliora notevolmente l’estetica. Così nasce eWoodandal.

dimming system

Giorgio Senatore windows collections are completed by dimming systems, as: Shutters, Doors, rolling blinds and related boxes, made of wood or prefabricated. Different solutions arise from the study of various types of shading that characterize each region to better integrate them, as well as from the identification of solutions in line with the heat and sound insulation performance of windows.

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