decor doors

The Decor doors collections are created to meet different architectural styles and needs, without ever renouncing the values ​​that have always inspired Giorgio Senatore in his choices: attention to detail, the elegance of design, the flexibility of the solutions, the quality of the materials. In these ways were born: Vittoriane Laccate, pantographed doors that know how to furnish with taste in a balanced mix between past and present. The Smooth collection, for those who love flat surfaces, coplanar and without reliefs, and which mixes materials and finishes. The Nolook collection that integrates into all environments by merging into them. Nolook is the flush-wall solution, blind or glass solution for doors, niches and wardrobes. The Lux collection, a chic and glamorous solution, in aluminum and glass or only glass, which allows you to choose from many types of transparencies and decorations. It is possible to equip some Decor doors collections with Fireproof and / or Aphonica performance.

technical doors

Giorgio Senatore Doors collection come from the experience and the research into technological innovation. These doors collections are aimed at a wide and diverse market consisting of public spaces and areas, such as hospitals, healthcare centres, theatres, cinemas, sports centres, tourism centres, schools and museums. Elegance, functionality and adaptability come together to make these spaces safe and pleasant, areas which would otherwise be lacking in personality, and also meet quality and safety standards. In this sector, Giorgio Senatore Doors collection are organised into three collections, each one denoting unique and distinct styles and functionalities but also conformable to the specific requirement. Scarlet, with aluminum frame. Robin, with steel frame. Olimpia, with wooden frame. The latter, on request, also with Fireproof and/or Aphonica performance. Two technologies developed by the internal laboratory GS LAb, to characterize some collections with fire resistance performances up to EI120 and acoustic insulation.

special openings

Giorgio Senatore has always been attentive to the most sophisticated opening solutions. Systems that allow great design freedom to obtain private spaces but at the same time unique and convivial environments. Particularly…

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